She threw down the ultimatum, change or leave. He left. And like that Cortney a then 29 year old self-taught guitarist, runner and hair stylist, felt the amp unplug from her life. She stopped running. ... Read More


The flight path Josh took to become a commercial airline pilot is at first glance, pretty typical. Young boy inspired by Luke Skywalker, pursues Top Gun style fighter pilot career, retires military and becomes an ... Read More

Mike & Jessica

Mike and Jess
Most people move from coast to coast to escape old problems, not to find new ones. But for Mike, and his wife Jessica, a gnarly problem is a thing worth chasing. Last year the east ... Read More


But it definitely wasn’t enough. For Kara it was time to stop talking and Kick. Things. Off. Literally. When she graduated wide eyed with a degree in history and a minor in Spanish from Haverford ... Read More